Do You Want To Improve Your Personal Life?

Are you truly happy, and experiencing the success you deserve, or are there parts of your life that is unfulfilled?

Your extra-ordinary life is waiting for you – all you need is clarity and focus and a strategy to get you there.

Do You Want To Improve Your Business Performance?

In Business, competing will keep you at the same level of performance as your competitors. To win in business you need to dominate, not compete.

Get the tools, strategies and skills you and your business team needs to drive you to the next level, and escape the trap of competing.

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The Benefits

I feel aggressively unstoppable in everything I do since starting training. I feel total fearlessness in stepping into new territories and this most definitely translates into a no procrastination practices ever again by me. I have discovered who I really am about in my life. I have become a”F-it-let-me-just-do it” person, and that works so well to propel me forcefully forward

The Conclusion

I can proudly say with no shame and doubt that Leon Fourie, the Teacher, the Mentor, the Speaker, the Coach, the Servant Leader, has blown me by promising and Over Delivering in this workshop far more than a lot of International Teachers of note have ever done from 2014 when I started on this journey of self development. He is the best teacher ever with the greatest, relevant content and practicalities.

The Man – Leon Fourie

A very special human being that tirelessly displays humbleness daily. Down to earth but highly inspirational and transformational in his work. Extremely passionate about his work and deeply driven to make a huge difference in people’s life betterment / improvement. A totally unique , selfless individual, and what he has– he shares to the best of his abilities. Possesses stunning mental toughness to succeed under any adverse circumstances. A true Hero in his own right.


Entrepreneur / Coach

“I have never met anyone in South Africa that has the same ability as Leon to convey the teachings and skills.  He is truly on par, if not better, than the best international speakers that I have seen.

Thank you Leon”

Thabelo Siala

CEO, TippFocus

“Leon is an amazing speaker. His presence on stage is that of an accomplished individual with power. He took me on a journey through his talk and inspired me to never give up even when I get knocked down. I enjoyed every bit of his presentation as he engaged with the audience & got us thinking – he had us captivated! I would recommend that anyone who is looking to improve their life & business go and see this passionate trainer in action!

You Rock Leon!

Keep it up!”

Neelesh Harbhajan

CA Auditer & Financial Trainer

“Leon, you have the ability to capture your audience. You are an amazing facilitator and Trainer. The passion that you share, shows me your sincerity in the topic & the need to want to help me change my life to be all I can be. Your Program can help many people create a positive outlook on life.

Keep up the great work”

Sharlotte Naidu

CEO, InTouch Management Consulting

Winner — Sub–Saharan Enterprises 2017 – Best Professional Development Coaching Company South Africa

Winner — MEA Awards 2017 – Best Business Management Training Company

WinnerMEA Business Elite Awards 2017 – Best Personal Development Coaching – South Africa 

A success strategist, entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, facilitator and international speaker, Leon has a real ability to connect with people.

Leon is a dangerous dreamer and someone who has learnt the art of never giving up and failing fabulously. He believes that true success only comes to those who never give up and always endeavours to truly be themselves, something he is still working on daily.

He can speak to audiences in any of the following subjects: business, project management, start-up ventures, entrepreneurship, personal development, self management, social media, innovation & creativity, leadership, marketing, sales, communication and parenting. His style has been described as being full of honesty, energy, and passion – with unique experience as a entrepreneur, business man, adventurer, game changer, collaborator, risk taker, and an expert on authentic leadership.

Having travelled the world to research and learn from the thought leaders in the art of facilitation, training, marketing, sales and leadership, Leon now spends most of his time in sharing this knowledge with those around him.

Listen to the podcast of my interview on MixFM with David Watts, talking about Personal and Business Development.

Emotional Intelligence

What makes great people truly extraordinary is not necessarily their IQ, but their EQ: their emotional intelligence. Developing an awareness of emotions means being able to make good emotional decisions

Personal Success Strategies

We help you understand how to take your dreams or wishes and turn them into reality by identifying what’s truly important to you to move forward personally and professionally.

Personal Belief System

The results you get in life are a feedback of the actions you take.  These actions are dictated by your thinking, and the foundational base of your thinking is your beliefs.

You can change every component of your life – if your belief system is not aligned with your dreams, you will forever be fighting a losing battle.

Entrepreneurship 101

This program covers everything from developing a business plan to the nuts and bolts of a consulting business (such as rate sheets, contracts, networking skills, and sales and marketing strategies)