There are two different Team Building events that we provide.

The first is the standard team building event where team members work together to resolve challenges by playing games and taking part in activities.

The second type of team building event is to drive out improved team performance.  We call this our High Performance Team Workshop.


As part of our event, we collect the following information to ensure we properly and successfully address all the needs of our clients:

1. Understand the type of the team

2. The purpose of the event,

3. The required outcome – even if is is only to have some fun away from the office.

High Performance Team Workshop

Talent is important, but a talented person does not win the day. It is said that business is an emotional contact sport. It is also a team sport. It takes a team to win the day. A team that can function optimal under any circumstances.

The purpose of our High Performance Team Workshop is to create a team that:

  • Holds itself accountable for all aspects of the business
  • Focuses on the business vision and strategy
  • Is motivated and energized by something more than a mere paycheck
  • Is more attractive to opportunities, resources and alliances
  • Sees every person in the team as an asset, and not as the enemy

Standard Team Building

 The purpose of these activities is to create specific outcomes that can be applied to challenges at work. We start these events out with games and activities to allow the team members to get to know each other, and from there the activities move towards creating trust, improving communication, creating cultural awareness etc.

These team buildings can be scheduled for a period of between 1,5 hours and a full day.

We have more than 300 different activities that we use to create a fun, enjoyable day away from the office.

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