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Women and Leadership

Bryanston JHB

5 & 6 July

Women and Leadership

Cape Town

30 & 31 August




Business Mastery



Women And Leadership


JHB – 5 & 6 July 2018

Cape Town – 30 & 31 August 2018


Investment: R2,997.00 per person

Group Bookings available on request



What will be discussed:

Women and the Workforce

Learning from our History


Barriers and Benefits to Women’s Leadership

Barriers vs. Benefits

Improving Self-Management through Reflection


Social and Emotional Intelligence

Defining Emotional Intelligence



Understanding Self-Awareness


Developing Leadership Awareness and Brand

Personal Inventory

Creating and Selling Your Brand

Making Connections, Part One

Making Connections, Part Two

Selling and Screening your Brand and Ideas

Leadership Skills

Identifying Relationship Skills

Identifying Leadership Skills


Making Good Decisions

Ingredients of a Good Decision

Good Decision – Poor Decision

Decision Wheel Method


Creating Your Workplace Philosophy

Philosophy Statement

Recommended Reading List

Intrapreneurship Masterclass


If your aim is to create smart solutions, slick products, or simple but unique processes, what your business needs is enterprising minds, full of ideas and hungry to experiment, which are just waiting to be discovered. But don’t look too far. There is an existing pool of untapped talent right in your offices.

Intrapreneurship fosters proactivity and positions corporations as industry leaders with creative leeway for its workforce.  Corporations with entre- preneurially-minded employees see the benefits – ranging from innovative offerings, increased skills and capabilities, and competitive advantages to cost savings, motivational boosts, and accelerated product and service launches.



Cape Town – TBC


Investment:  R6,997.00 per person


Training Material, Refreshments, Tea Breaks, Lunch





What is Intrapreneurship

Why is Intrapreneurship Important

The Impact of Intrapreneurship on Business Growth

The Characteristics of Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship vs Entrepreneurship

Picking an Intrapreneurial Team

Taking on the Intrapreneurial Mindset

Measuring your Skills

Becoming an Intrapreneur

Understanding and Mastering the Intrapreneurial Process

Innovation, Creativity and Ideation

Screening Ideas

Practical Work Sessions


Implementing Intrapreneurship



The Number of CEO’s with Intrapreneurial Skills


The Number of Fortune 500 companies from 1955 that don’t exist anymore

Business Mastery


Discover how to live your purpose and create wealth in any business you choose.

Do you ever feel that you could do anything if you only knew how and what it was?

For many, life has become all about what can’t be done rather than what can be done. The truth is that you are far greater than what you think, and you have truly amazing potential. All that is missing are the strategies you need for high-speed success in any business.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs go into business to make a living. I want to show you how to create wealth and build a self-sustaining and successful enterprise.

You’ll learn through high-impact processes, experiential exercises and personal business plan make-overs how to create the business and success you deserve.



Cape Town – TBC


Investment:  R9,997.00 per person

Includes:  Training Material, Refreshments, Tea Breaks, Lunch




Discovering Your Passion

Moving from Operationist to Strategist

3 Ways to Grow Your Business

5 Actions to an Unfair Market Advantage

The Rapid Planning Method

The Power of Influence

Creating Explosive Growth in your Business

10X Action Plan

Building your Core Story

Following the Best Buyer Strategy

Building a Turnkey Sales Organisation

Building a Marketing Strategy

Time and Results Management techniques

5 Keys to Wealth and Happiness

Create the Ultimate Competitive Advantage